About time we posted a new track... here it is: added ingredients for a new sound! 
Don't know quite what to expect for this one...?  One thing thats for sure is, we're excited!!!  We have a Mary Poppins bag of tricks and will be darting back to Boomtown Fair on Friday.......5htp Monday anyone ??
Ooohhh yes! ... what a weekend plenty of shamanic tantric experiences to be had a boat ride and a lot of nudity about the amazing grounds! thanks to Rowan and ravi the organisers and lord Shaftesbury for having us on his estate what dudes! x

A big thanks to Richard smith for creating this we appreciate all your effort! 

Thanks to Joe for having us at the good ship last night. wicked night with bands - Double talk and another bristol based band Black Elephant - Sicko! and of course lots of London Pride! 
We've got some sound hardware together take a look mountain goat in the flesh...we love goats! This is available from any of us... open to negotiations 

Interesting gig good DJs and Mc's a good turn out for upper Parkstone and a surprise visit from the police invited by a noise complaint from the neighbours during LaMancha Island... Oh yeah! Good Job Wilmer! x
Morning or should I say bon soir! if you happen to be hanging around on the south coast tomorrow night come say hello Wilmer and I are going for an outing Solo at Plush corner! 

Wicked night at Smoking Aces last Friday! keep em com'in!!  
Ham & Cheese named after a round of sandwiches... A new one Enjoy and share yarp!